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How to Fix “dmg not recognized” Error

Data present in Mac hard drive is required to be backed up for storing important files in advance. All the files present in the Mac is invaluable say it be videos, photos, projects, music, presentation etc. All these information is useful for making tasks simple but in case any files goes missing or are damaged then it becomes essential to complete recovery of data. Time Machine of Mac is capable to create backup of all the Mac hard drive data, you will be able to create dmg file or disk image for producing complete backup. But certain times due to corruption in specific file dmg not recognized problem arises.

Disk image files can also be protected with password, it means having enhanced functions to disk image files. It uses advanced technologies for compressing files or distribution of images. After emergence of above problem identical problems including termination of files will be identified by users.

Take a situation when you use specific file for advanced technique and compressing files. Due to occurrence of dmg not recognized different problems will be identified. In a situation you attempt to access dmg file but this process is not completed and dmg not recognized issues arises.

For troubleshooting problems associated to dmg not recognized you should follow steps mentioned under:

  1.    •  At first you need to repair corrupted files with the help of Disk Utility.
  2.    •  After that you should convert disk image to ISO
  3.    •  You should attach image with-hditil using-ignorebadchecksums/Voulme/Path/to/image hdiutil mount-nomount-readwrite/Volumes/Path/to/image.

From above process you will be able to fix dmg not recognized issue. It is also responsible for making valuable data totally inaccessible. If you find that problem persists then for accessing files you should make use of deleted file recovery Mac. Sophisticated techniques are used for repairing damaged or deleted files from Mac in just few clicks. So, restore all the valuable data safely.